Most fish are easily caught on dry flies, particularly in the morning or the evening, or on small spoons for anglers using spinning outfits. Our Articles section contains many great articles and helpful information to ensure your trips into the remote backcountry will be safe and memorable. By Johnny Spillane. Terrestrials are one of the most effective groups of flies to have. The trout in these lakes are generally larger than those found in the streams because they don't have to expend energy fighting the current and often have a more dependable food supply. Other lakes for a day hike from the road are Skinny Fish, McGinnis, Little Trappers, Big Fish, Mirror, and Anderson Lakes. Photo courtesy The High Lonesome Ranch Our fishery here at The High Lonesome Ranch starts at 7,200 feet in the Western Colorado Rockies and works its way down the North Dry Fork Valley into a series of spring-fed beaver. It's late June in Colorado, but most of our high mountain lakes (above 11,000') are still frozen over. Created by colliding tectonic plates, and carved by glaciers and ice, high mountain lakes in Washington offer anglers a recreational experience unmatched by any other waters in the state. Our Rocky Mountain National Park Collection will contain 12 trout flies (6 pattern 2 each). Why not let them tie your flies for your next fly fishing adventure in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The best times of year to use this pattern are from the beginning of April through the end of June, and again starting around August through October. Rocky Mountain Fly Fisher provides a glimpse of what fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park is all about.. You must typically access these lake by hiking a few miles or by horseback. In my opinion, the best trout cooking methods are either to roast them in aluminum foil with onion and lemon or to fry them in light oil (with or without a … Yes, they work for big rainbows and Dolly Varden in the far north, and they work for fat browns on run-off swollen rivers, too. Add to that the fact that most anglers who venture into the high lakes are catch and release means that any given lake you hike to will have fish to catch. That said our high lake trout can be incredibly shy and reluctant to bite one day, and willing biters the next. Almost every small mountain stream or high-elevation lake is home to at least some westslope cutties. There are still good hatches of insects, but the trout, sensing the shortening of the season and a growing scarcity of food, are even easier to catch. This section has clear waters, lots of fish, and provides views of the beautiful mountain vistas surrounding the river. The Cascade Mountain range is really the spine of Oregon, supporting the state in so many ways, not the least of which is abundant water from winter snow pack. Or the remote alkaline lakes that hide huge Lahontan cutthroat. Written by: Mark Weaver, The High Lonesome Ranch Fish in spring-fed mountain ponds can be both spooky and picky, so fly choice is important. This is one of the three high mountain lakes located in Delaney Buttes near Walden, Colorado. What flies should I bring to the mountains? He was planning on traveling around Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana this summer and his goal was to put together a selection of flies that would allow him to catch fish on every river. But there is a lot to be said for fishing the high alp ine lakes in solitude. It may offend some high lake purists who insist on fishing with 7X tippets and size 24 dries, but the deeper sinking lines with leech patterns, for example, will take fish. ... and that they live in lakes and reservoirs as well. The Definitive Guide to Fishing Central California, Chris Shaffer. This attractor-type nymph burst on to the scene several years ago and quickly earned a place as one of the best flies around. The reviews include popular flies, lures, and baits that work well at the lakes to increase your chances of catching some of those wild trout. Hell, if you brought enough beer and the bikinis are out, even the local stocker lakes can be fun to bring your kids to. Forget everything you know about the traditional prince when you look at this. We thought we'd list our Essential Flies that are always in our fly boxes when we go stillwater fly fishing. And don’t forget the venerable Egg-sucking Leech—this streamer can be deadly stripped through high water. No matter which lake you are on, CATCH Stillwater flies will at least make sure you are Trout in the high country are opportunistic feeders and more often than not, will aggressively eat any well presented dry fly. Elk hair caddis, stimulators, and Wulffs are some great dries to throw on the small streams. High mountain lakes have a magical allure, especially to anglers. ... flies. Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the best lakes in North America’s high country: from sprawling caldera lakes to little glassy tarns. . The start of summer in the Rocky Mountains generally means high water from melting snow which translates into using larger searching patterns to attract attention. The mountains run north to south, and a quick look on a map of the Pacific Northwest will show you the Cascades actually begin in southern … Continue reading Cascade Lakes In fact, they're generally more effective than egg flies and kill far fewer trout. Eagle Cap Wilderness (Assorted High Lakes) In addition to being one of the most beautiful regions in Oregon, the Eagle Cap Wilderness also provides some of the most remote fly fishing in the state. Anglers celebrating the arrival of summer should be organizing their fly boxes and searching for the best trout flies for early summer. Four Lakes Basin offers varied fly-fishing in a modest area, and one lake or another may fish better, depending on pressure. We will hand tie 12 custom trout flies. Within this window, some of the best times to fish these high elevation lakes include: As soon as the snow is off the trails and the ice is off the water. The book details more than 380 lakes, rivers and … You’ll pass at least 10 options for fishing along the hike, but stay the course. A book I recommend to everyone I talk to about high country fishing is Gray LaFontaine's "Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes". Since 1975, native trout have experienced intensive restoration efforts, while non-native fish are being removed and no longer stocked.Supplemental stocking is done only to restore native species. Wary fish inhabit these lakes. One of the most frequently asked questions on telephone to our staff. Flies. The best known lake in the region is Trappers at the end of FR 205. The best times to fish in the Uinta Mountains are post snow melt and runoff all the way through the first snows of winter. It’s best to plow forward with fish sloshing around in bags full of oxygen and three gallons of water. While picking pockets in the lower-elevation park streams is exciting, backcountry lake fishing is the highlight of RMNP. Best flies for high country lakes, Colorado Most of the high country lakes here in Colorado are clear of ice and the fishing has been outstanding, as usual! Fly Collection will reflect the current conditions unless otherwise specified. In fact, the Elk Hair is a go to fly pattern for many stillwater fly-fishers. Some pure-strain cutthroat have been preserved in high-mountain lakes and the highest reaches of mountain streams, but in the lower reaches, their genetics are typically diluted with rainbow trout lineage. High Lakes. Watch how DFI approaches an alpine lake. I had a client come into the store the other day asking me to set him up with the best patterns for fishing the West. Fly fishing the quiet and peaceful lakes, rivers, and streams in the Uinta Mountains has become a favorite summer activity for anglers in the “know”. Our mountain backcountry is a special resource that … North Delaney Butte Lake Fishing boat on North Delaney Butte Lake. The breaks are short. Meaning many of these high mountain lakes have fish. In this book, he reviews data that show a high a percentage of a trout's diet at high altitude consists of things they eat off the surface. Past issues have had articles on backcountry trout, high Sierra trout, Tioga Pass trout, the West Fork of the Carson River, wild flies, midging Lake Crowley, and fishing Rush Creek. The fishing season for these high alpine lakes in Colorado is relatively short. The lake is quite popular because of its healthy trout population. If there is one best time of year for fishing high-mountain lakes, it’s August through September, when nights grow longer. The hours are long. . When it comes to fly selection for the high country, here is a thought to consider: if you can’t fit all your flies in one medium sized fly box, you have too many flies for the high country. High-mountain trout are delicious and often have pink, salmonlike meat acquired by eating pigmented zooplankton and scuds (freshwater shrimp). Many are small and shallow. High lakes tend to be clearer than low lakes. Fish in the high country seldom see flies if you are a few hundred yards from the roads so they are pretty gullible on most patterns. 7. Our high elevation waters are absolutely brimming with aquatic bug life...this makes up for the rather short fish growing season. Due to the low fishing pressure, the fish in the mountain lakes and rivers in Montana tend to be much easier to catch than their cousins that are found in the major rivers. In the high country, there are NO stoneflies, salmon flies, or big stimulators. The lakes and stream have brook and cutthroat trout. Keep in mind we’re by necessity leaving off literally hundreds of other possibilities – America’s mountains are chockablock with beautiful lakes, after all. “Even if you get to a high mountain lake and don’t catch fish, you have fantastic scenery,” Garren says. Experienced anglers use lighter leader and use great care to avoid spooking the fish and are careful to avoid exposing fish to human scent. I've experienced both. Access the Four-Lakes Basin — comprised of lakes Dean, Jean, Dale and Dane — via a popular 16-mile hike along the Highline Trail. It’s where we go for the challenge of catching native trout, none of which is more prized than the illusive golden. Pine Isle and Ruby Lakes are nearby but difficult to find. The video below was filmed on high mountain lakes. Many of Colorado’s high lakes are found in roadless or wilderness areas. Top Trout Dry Flies - The Best Dries For Your Rainbow Trout Stillwater Fly Fishing Which Dry Flies Should You Take For Rainbows On Reservoirs, Lakes and Lochs? Get "big" out of your mind. High mountain lakes may be open to fishing all year per regulation, but weather will dictate the fishing season for high lakes. The lake is a blessing for sore backs coming over the last rise. I have several sizes in both yellow and green in my box at all times. Besides the obligatory mayflies, midges, and caddis, almost all high country lakes also contain populations of dragonflies, damsel flies, leeches and scuds.

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